The Society for the Relief of Poor Clergy was founded by evangelical churchmen in 1788 as "The Society for the Relief of Poor Pious Clergy resident in the Country". lt is a registered charity (number 232634) and is now governed by Rules approved by the Charity Commissioners.


Evangelical clergy and evangelical Accredited Lay Workers in the following categories of need:

  • bereavement
  • illness
  • removals
  • family support to enable young people to participate in a 'ministry experience' during a gap year before university
  • family support to enable children/young people of evangelical ministers to attend Christian camps, for their spiritual benefit and to develop leadership potential
  • other special needs (at the Trustees' discretion)

Grants are also made when needed to the widows and widowers of evangelical clergy.

The Trustees have the discretionary power to consider other circumstances but only where these are giving rise to exceptional hardship.

Grants are not made for educational purposes or towards normal travelling expenses.

The Trustees also administer grants from J F W Deacon's Charity for ordained and lay persons in Christian ministry who have special needs as a result of times of illness or stress, or who are facing unusual and unforeseen difficulties. (Such grants are not included in the accounts to which these notes relate.)

As the object of the charity is solely to make awards of non-recurring grants, it is not the Trustees' policy to hold income reserves.