For Applicants


Those eligible for grants


Evangelical clergy and evangelical Accredited Lay Workers in the following categories of need:

  • Evangelical clergy
  • Evangelical Accredited Lay Workers (the few licensed ALW's who have been selected and trained for national Anglican ministry, and Church Army Officers who have been commissioned and hold a Bishop's licence)
  • Widows and widowers of the above.

Reasons for limiting grants to Lay Workers other than above:

  • If we were to make grants available to other lay ministers it would be very difficult to define who was eligible e.g. youth workers, community workers, administrators, Readers, churchwardens.
  • Would they have to be paid for their ministry? If so, we may be picking up consequences of those churches unable or unwilling to pay a living salary.
  • Those nationally recognized ALW's if stipendiary, are paid according to a national scale so there is a recognized financial starting point.

The Trustees also administer grants from J F W Deacon's Mabledon Charity for ordained and lay persons in Christian ministry who have special needs as a result of times of illness or stress, or who are facing unusual and unforeseen difficulties. Mabledon money can, if appropriate, be used for other lay ministers.


Bereavement Grants

This remains an automatic category at a modest level, currently £500, and £900 for widows/widowers of evangelical stipendiary clergy who have died in post. The committee may give additional monies where circumstances suggest a need.

Grants are not normally given to senior clergy.

Educational needs

Grants are not normally given for school fees, but may be given for special tuition fees and for other costs associated with the expense of education. The Trustees recognise the financial demands on families with children and not least those with teenagers and young people in higher education.

Meeting the needs of those in debt

These are often financially needy families, whatever the reason for the debt. Encouragement to seek advice about debt counselling should be included but the Trustees may look favourably on those seeking to address debt.

Support for staff employed by evangelical organizations

The Committee will be alert to applications made by or for employees of other Christian bodies to ensure our gifts are not subsidising those organisations

Level of grants

The Committee is cognisant of rising costs of living when making grants.

Data protection

Please note that confidential information given to SRPC by individuals applying for grants, or supplying information in support of such applications, will be shared with the Trustees of SRPC to inform their decisions at their next meeting. Once a decision has been made and the applicant notified of the outcome, all confidential information, held either electronically or in hard copy, will be destroyed within 28 days of notification.

November 2018

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